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before walker after

Horse’s Age (at diagnosis): 27

Horse’s Current Age: 27

Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse

Clinical signs prior to PPID diagnosis:

  • Delayed shedding/Decreased shedding
  • Pot belly/Weight gain
  • Abnormal sweating
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Recurrent infections

Change noticed after: Within 90 days

What changes were noticed: Within a week or two of beginning Prascend® (pergolide tablets), Walker began shedding his excessive hair. Within a month, he was looking like his old self again - nice, shiny hair coat, pot belly disappearing, and muscle mass improving. Within about six weeks, Walker went from being a pot-bellied woolly mammoth back to being his mommy's "handsomest world grand champion"! :-) His brother Finnegan, a 30-year-old retired therapy quarterhorse that has been on PRASCEND for a little over a year, went from being a "98-pound, muscle-wasted, sweaty weakling" back to being a robust, happy fellow. PRASCEND has clearly been the key to returning my horses back to health.

Important Safety Information: PRASCEND is for use in horses only. Treatment with PRASCEND may cause loss of appetite. Most cases are mild. Weight loss, lethargy and behavioral changes also may be observed. If severe, a temporary reduction of dose may be necessary. PRASCEND has not been evaluated in breeding, pregnant, or lactating horses and may interfere with reproductive hormones in these horses. PRASCEND Tablets should not be crushed due to potential for increased human exposure.