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Horse’s Age (at diagnosis): 15

Horse’s Current Age: 22

Breed: Appaloosa

Clinical signs prior to PPID diagnosis:

  • Decreased athletic behavior and/or lethargy
  • Delayed shedding/Decreased shedding
  • Pot belly/Weight gain
  • Cresty neck/Fat pads around tail head/Swollen sheath

Change noticed: Within 90 days

What changes were noticed: Mud has boundless energy on Prascend® (pergolide tablets). He can keep up with the gaited horses we trail-ride with easily! Mud is a mounted police horse with the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, and he is able to complete six-hour shifts with ease! My vet, Dr. Renton, often has students from Michigan State accompany his barn calls. The students find it incredible that Mud is 22 with PPID. I do not have to body-clip him in the spring anymore. He sheds his winter coat like a horse without PPID! PRASCEND has enabled Mud and I to enjoy the trail rides and duties that we both love so much. With continued treatment with PRASCEND, I hope that he and I will continue to enjoy them for many years to come!

Important Safety Information: PRASCEND is for use in horses only. Treatment with PRASCEND may cause loss of appetite. Most cases are mild. Weight loss, lethargy and behavioral changes also may be observed. If severe, a temporary reduction of dose may be necessary. PRASCEND has not been evaluated in breeding, pregnant, or lactating horses and may interfere with reproductive hormones in these horses. PRASCEND Tablets should not be crushed due to potential for increased human exposure.